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One Book One Denver
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Hello everyone,

I'm planning on moving to Denver from Long Beach in a year or so and I guess I'm trying to get a feel for the city/job opportunities etc. Upon my arrival I'll have a BA in Creative Writing and Literature and an experience at a Literary Arts Center in Los Angeles. I'm considering going into the MA Publishing program at DU, but not entirely sold on it. I think I'd like to do publishing but I'm open to pretty much any literary-involved job. Not picky, just looking for something to pay the bills at this point. Small presses (or coporate houses), literary magazines, indie bookstores, reading venues, etc. I know about the Tattered Cover and Mercury Cafe as reading venues, but I'd like to hear about some more. Any information would be really appreciated!


(apologies in advance for crossposting)

P.S. I did the same sort of project for Book by Authors North Long Beach Anthology! it was fantastic!
5th-Jun-2009 08:35 pm - Time to vote!
Vote for this this year's One Book One Denver at onebookonevote!
27th-Sep-2008 06:14 am - first impressions

I finished reading the book a while ago, and while I still believe it is a Bad Choice for this program, I was not successful in disliking it altogether.

It was entertaining, and I enjoyed it.

It was the first detective novel I’ve read, so the whole formula and format seemed novel. I had fun imagining rules to a The Thin Man drinking game, with the core rule being, every time Nick has a drink, take a drink. Being set during prohibition, I thought it was an interesting period piece in several aspects, including the language and slang the characters used and, most significantly, how women were viewed and treated. I liked finally getting to meet Asta, who has so often appeared in my crossword puzzles, and who was initially the only familiar aspect of this book and of the Nick and Nora series in general.

Discussion of the endingCollapse )

9th-Sep-2008 08:46 pm - narrative voice

In a way it’s just as too bad as it is awesome that, three chapters in, I can’t help but hear this story narrated in my head by Garrison Keillor’s Guy Noir.

9th-Sep-2008 07:47 pm - One Book One Denver 2008 Announced
This morning, Mayor Hickenlooper announced that 2008's One Book One Denver will be Dashiell Hammett's The Thin Man.

What are your thoughts on this selection?

(Order a copy from the library here.)
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